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Our Story

Necessity is the mother of invention.

My eldest daughter (who lives and works in New York) decided to get her first dog or first BFF (Best Furry Friend). As is the family tradition, she chose a rescue dog, (or a pound dog if you are from the US). We were all delighted to welcome Pluto into the family. Pluto was about six years old (mid-forties in dog years), a handsome mixed breed (Mutt in Amercian) but he was very set in his ways.


Unfortunately, Pluto had some health issues: a couple of hernias and bad teeth which needed attention. My daughter took this all on, made all the necessary arrangements to get him back to good health.

Pluto’s arrival was like having my first grandchild, (well he was my first grand-dog and I don't have grandchildren) and of course offered to jump on a plane to meet him and be at home with him while he recovered from his various treatments.


I soon discovered he wasn’t keen on walks, and had no interest in doing anything I asked, but he did love the doggie treats I brought from the UK. I am not above bribery, so took to having treats with me at all times.


The problem with this was that whatever I used to carry the treats, I was left with crumbs in my pocket or bag. I tried every shop in New York, but nothing except pouches/training aides but these had their own issues for my intended purpose to have treats with me.. Most had a draw string opening, which when wearing gloves were not easy to either open or reach into to get a treat. PLUS they attached to a belt, which was not for this fashion-conscious mature person!!

I needed something that wasn’t going to leave crumbs that ruined the pockets of my best coat or bag or become smelly after time but was also portable. I spoke to loads of dog owners and was surprised to learn many resorted to plastic bags, although most people used them more than once they didnt last very long. I then searched the internet, and, whilst there were larger containers for a days’ worth of food and water bowls for walks, I couldn’t find anything suitable for a quick trip to the park. 
On returning to the UK and searching the whole market  I couldn’t find anything suitable. Thinking that I couldn’t be the only one with this issue, I decided to find a solution and the TreatCaddy© was born. 
Pluto did as asked as he knew he will be rewarded, as i always have  when the TreatCaddy©  with me. I don't think his eyesight is so good, but he still comes running every time I shake it!
Unfortunately Pluto is no longer with us but will never be forgotten, as he was the most loving BFF and of course the reason the Treat Caddy came to exist.
My new Grand-Dog Dottie, owned by my younger daughter, is Uk based  , Dottie was only 12 weeks old when she arrived , was introduced to my TreatCaddy© from when she arrived.
She does feature in many of our Instagram  photo's as I take her for a walk as often as I can. 

(Best Furry Friend) 

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