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Made for dogs on the go!

                                                                                                             Introducing Version 3.0

 My Treat Caddy has been designed & produced so it can hang off a lead or be put into your pocket/bag . Plus  easy to open, as it can be opened with one hand , see our video of how to pop my TreatCaddy©open. 

The TreatCaddy©  has been created and produced as  a simple and effective way to have your dog's favourite treats with you when you want them.

The main purpose when I created My TreatCaddy was to save my pockets/bag being ruined by the crumbs  and that it does. See Our Story for more information.


There are  other features and company policies I hope you will also appreciate, (so have the least impact on the planet as I could), which are   implemented where  possible . 

Features and Company Policy are on our FAQ's page.

Just fill the TreatCaddy© with your dog's preferred treat, shake it and show your BFF (Best Furry Friend) My TreatCaddy, make them sit and then reward them .


Repeat this a couple of times and it should help get your BFF's attention  if they are reward trained.


Our Yellow & Blue  TreatCaddys© are visible to dogs although all the TreatCaddys  make the same unqiue sound when shaken that most dogs will respond to.

Clips onto a lead


Keeps treat fresh

Fits in your pocket or bag

Visible to dogs

Proudly Made in  UK

Training tool

Company's Policy to help save the Planet 

Listed on FAQ's

Our Community



My Treat Caddy Ltd.,

Reg in England & Wales Co Reg ; 112110828

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