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Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t training bags with a draw string top do the same thing?

I often have gloves on when walking my dog. Can I open the TreatCaddy© without taking my gloves off?

YES! The TreatCaddy can be easily opened when wearing gloves. It can be opened either by the conventional lift the front tab latch OR ONE HANDED by pressing just below the front tab on the raised 'dot' the lid will pop open.

Can I wash the TreatCaddy© easily?

YES! Just use hot soapy water but remember to remove the circle clip or carabiner first. My TreatCaddy can be dried immediately and ready to be used again with no down time, s with cloth bags.  Very useful when we  use home cooked chicken as treats.

Although training bags do hold treats, that’s where the similarities end. The TreatCaddy© can be attached to the dog lead or be put in your pocket/bag without fear of crumbs riuing your pockets that often escape from drawstring bags. EASY TO OPEN, there’s no fiddly  drawstring where you need two hands, my TreatCaddy can be popped open with one hand , see our  video on our home page or on utube.

Is there a reason why the original TreatCaddy is yellow?

Dogs are mostly colour blind - the only colours they can see properly are yellow and blue. Their view of the world is like the photos where everything is tones of grey with a Red Bus or telephone box being the only colour,  that's how dogs see the world except its Yellow and Blue that they can see not red. This is why dogs often bark at people in yellow Jackets, it stands out to them.

                      COMPANY POLICIES


In producing My TreatCaddy I did my best to follow where possible good working practises when considering the environment & planet.

 In an effort to not damage the planet by producing My TreatCaddy we have incorporated the following;


 All packaging is bio-degradable, tissue paper is acid free and when sold through a retail outlet there is NO secondary packaging at all. Re- sellers just put it on the shelf with the information leaflet.

The Carabiners are Nickel Free

My Treat Caddy was my answer so I could stop using plastic bags,

so please switch to My TreatCaddy  and help save the planet one plastic bag at a time.

Please note at the end of its useful life My TreatCaddy can be re-cycled .


Proudly Made in England, local to us and once with us we use the Royal Mail to deliver

– making our carbon foot print  very low.

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